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AS2 Gateway for X.400 messages

The Telekom's AS2 gateway provides a simple and efficient way to reach an unlimited number of X.400 subscribers via an AS2 connection. X.400 messages can be sent and received without the need for a direct X.400 connection. The Telekom's AS2 gateway converts pure AS2 messages into the X.400 format and redirects them.

In order to set up a communication relationship with an X.400 partner, the data required for conversion into the X.400 network must be recorded in addition to the already described setup of an AS2 connection on your system.

This article describes the procedure for using the gateway service.

Please note that the MDN option *ASYNCH should be used when sending to the Telekom AS2 Gateway.

Otherwise (with *SYNCH) you may not receive the feedback about possible errors in the conversion and delivery of the message in the X.400 box of the partner.


In order to be able to log on to the Telekom site / gateway, a certificate from Telekom must be imported into the certificate store of the used browser.
The certificate is available for download at

You can find it here:

Signon to the remote gateway

Go to the following page with a browser and log in there with your gateway user data:

Create a new partner

Use the menu item Create to access the input mask for a new partner master record

Assign a unique AS2 identification for the newly created partner and enter it in the AS2-ID: X.400 partner field. The name is freely selectable. Please do not use spaces or special characters in the identification.

This name will later be used to create a send profile within the i-effect configuration.

The option  AS2 ID mit Benutzer ID des X.400 Partners ergänzen shall NOT be activated.

Keep the default settings in the Eigenschaftten X.400 → AS2.

Enter the x.400 partner box details into the field further down on that page.

Leave the defaults with X.400 Einstellungen unchanged.

After successfully creating the new entry the system responses with

Display own X.400 address

Using menu item Grundeinstellungen, the own X.400 address can be displayed.

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