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Address filter for *FTPSRV and *SFTPSRV

To edit the address filter of a FTP or SFTP server you have to switch to the partner base menue „52" of the i-effect main menue and choose before the server code number 10.

Options for the dialogue programm

To edit the entries you have different options to choose. Those can be entered in the relevant selection box before the desired line.The following overview provides the basic functions of the dialogue programm. A detailed description of the individual options is also included.

Add (option F6)Use option F6 (function key F6) to add a new entry
Change (option 2)To change an entry, use option 2 in the corresponding choice box
Copy (option 3) To copy an existing entry to a new ID, use option 3 in the corresponding choice box
Delete (option 4)To delete an entry, use option 4 in the corresponding choice box
Display (option 5)To display an entry, use option 5 in the corresponding choice box

Details: F6=addition, 2=change, 5=display

By using selection F6,code number 2 or code number 5 (to add, to change or to display the address filter) you receive the following displays.


The filter addresses are given as sectors in the CIDR-Notation. Individual addresses can be given as IP or adress name. Example: from to from to IP address


States if the address is released or locked. If exclusive addresses are released all other addresses are locked. Possible special values:

*DENYActivate anonymous.
*ALLOWPassword needed.
Description:In this parameter you can state a short description for the given FTP server. This description is of purely informal character so that it can be choosed by you.

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