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WebControl licenses

In the GreenScreen you can see the license information for the WebControl module with the command WRKLICINF. With options 5 and 8 you can see how many and which users are currently using a license.

Per login in WebControl a license is locked and only unlocked again when this user logs off in WebControl.

However, there is a function that allows a user via the session cookies to close the browser without logging out, and to continue working in the same browser without a new license query the next time WebControl is opened. However, it must really be the same browser/computer without cleared cache and the WebControl subsystem (WEBCTRL) must not be closed in the meantime.

To release the license for inactive users under V2R8M0 or V2R9M0 you can use this call:

select IEFFECTDB.ReleaseProductLicense('2MEBEFF','V2R9M0','5003','<USERNAME>') from SYSIBM.SYSDUMMY1

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